Significant Facts You Should Know About Logan Stout

Logan Ronald Stout was born in Richardson, Texas. Together with his current wife studied at J.J Pearce H.S. Logan holds several degrees, he graduated from Panola with a business degree and further earned another degree in Psychology from the University of Dallas. Due to his outstanding performance in sports, classroom work and leadership, Logan was voted to the Student Athletic Council during his time at Pearce H.S. While at Pearce, Stout played Varsity basketball and even baseball every single season. As a member of the Pearce Mustang Basketball team, he was District 9-5a MVP during his junior and senior seasons respectively.

After leaving the college, Logan joined Fort Worth Cats which was a Texas minor league team. He started training youth baseball while at the college. One of the teams he coached was the Dallas Baptist University. His passion to coach youth baseball game led to the birth of Dallas Patriots select baseball organization. Apart from playing baseball, at the First United Methodist Church of Coppell, Logan Stout was a Youth Minister and a Contemporary Worship Leader.

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Logan is a talented business owner, entrepreneur, humanitarian, bestselling author, lead trainer and important speaker. Throughout his career stout has contributed billions of dollars in the country’s revenue. This has earned him a respectable track record both in leadership and team building. A combination of this two together with his achievement principles contribute greatly to his present ventures and further makes him one of the best keynote speakers in the whole world.

Logan Stout has been linked to nine companies in accordance with the public records. A good number of this companies were established over a period of 10 years. The most recent company was formed in the year 2015. Out of the nine companies, seven are in operation while two are inactive.

Most importantly, he is devoted to helping other people attain competent leadership skills. He has achieved this through several publications, for instance, Stout Advice which he published in the year 2013. This book was then endorsed by Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran who are well-known entrepreneurs from ABC’s Shark Tank.


Eric Lefkofsky Trades in Philanthropy for Direct Action

Eric Lefkofsky has made a name for himself as the co-founder of Groupon, a highly innovative company that allows individuals to get heavy group discounts by forming temporary coalitions of buyers. But he is also one of the biggest names among the closed ranks of the nation’s philanthropy circles. Having donated tens of millions of dollars to Chicago-area cancer research alone, Lefkofsky is one of the state of Illinois’ biggest contributors and routinely leads the nation in yearly contributions to cancer research.

However, Lefkofsky has recently tired of being relegated to merely cheering from the sidelines. He has traded in his philanthropy hat and taken on the role of cancer research entrepreneur. Founding startup Tempus, in 2016, Lefkofsky is taking on one of the biggest challenges currently facing the medical industry. He is seeking to create a comprehensive analytic framework that ties in human genomic data to medical phenomena and treatment outcomes.

The idea all started when a member of Lefkofsky’s family fell ill with cancer. Over the course of two years, Lefkofsky was a first-hand witness to the inadequacies of data and intelligence being provided to oncologists and physicians. He noted wryly that oncology departments at major hospitals often have less access to quality data than the typical U.S. truck driver. He decided something could be done and learn more about Eric.

Over the next couple of years, Lefkofsky acquainted himself with the state of genomics science. It didn’t take long for him to conclude that it would be possible to give oncologists a far more granular view of the treatment outcomes of almost limitless patient cohorts. For example, with Tempus’ system, a patient who has a rare blood type and is African American may have dramatically different outcomes, when using the standard treatment regimen for a specific cancer type, than someone who more closely fits the profile of the general population. What’s more, individual cohorts may be created using powerful genomic-level data that gives oncologists a huge edge over today’s treatments when prescribing regimens for their patients and more information click here.

Through innovations like these, Lefosfksy hopes to diminish cancer mortality to a point that more or less constitutes a cure and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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