Crowdsourcing Fabletics Secret to Success

Marketing strategies are changing each day due to increased innovations in the technology industry. Traditional marketing techniques are no longer viable today as more and more consumers are becoming digitally empowered. The space for marketing has moved to the digital platform. Fabletics is one company that has realized this shift and is aware that today purchases are mostly determined by the power of the crowd. Customers out there are looking for products to buy, and unlike the olden days where they will physical visit a shop for purchases or move around the city doing some window shopping, today everything has moved online. Most companies have realized this shift and Fabletics which is a tech and Fashion Company has taken advantage of the online platform and as a result, use a review-centric marketing concept.

Fabletics since 2013 has been growing very rapidly. It is estimated that it has grown by 200% to a whopping 235 million dollars in revenue. In addition to the high revenue, Fabletics has more than one million members online who pay a monthly subscription fee. The secret of Fabletics rapid success according to TechStyle Fashion Group Chief Marketing Officer is the utilization of user reviews or the crowd.

The current customer purchasing power is greatly influenced by a product review. What other people are saying about your product will greatly determine how your product sells. Consumer reviews can help increase product acquisition, improve loyalty and customer retention. Consumers are relying on other user reviews to help them determine final purchases. Reviews are regarded as reliable recommendations by customers thus the more the positive reviews for a particular product then, the more customers will purchase that particular product. According to a research study conducted by BrightLocal, 84% of consumers place some trust in online reviews. Moreover, the statistics from the research keeps on increasing every year the survey is conducted.

Fabletics have been able to outdo its competitors because it provides its customers with what they want. Fabletics success is largely attributed to the many authentic, honest and positive reviews they receive online from their customers. Most if not all of Fabletics customers are happy with their products. The more the positive reviews a product has, the more improved search ranking the product gets. Fabletics have been able to retain most of their customers because they have been able to address and incorporate reviews into products and policies. Fabletics do try as much as they can to respond to thousands of customers reviews. This strategy has worked for them, and according to their performance indicator, 85% of Fabletics sales come from repeat customers with 17% coming from new customers who are referrals.

Kate Hudson is Fabletics managing partner and brand ambassador. Kate Hudson was the perfect partner Fabletics co-founders Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler were looking for because she is very approachable, has a very active lifestyle and doesn’t take herself too seriously. Kate is proud of her role in Fabletics and has the passion for continuing even doing more so that the company can reach greater heights.

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