An Insight into the Life and Career of Glen Wakeman

It has been a difficult year for Puerto Rico. The region is already experiencing an economic crisis that was caused by the devastation of Hurricane Irma that left one million people without power. By the time that Hurricane Maria hit the island weeks later, only 60,000 people hadn’t received their power back. Hurricane Maria saw the island receive over 30 hours of rain coupled with winds that were traveling at 155 miles per hour. By the end of the ordeal, the winds managed to destroy the transportation and energy infrastructure. The winds also demolished thousands of homes in the region. Puerto Rico officials then released a statement saying that the storm had inflicted damages worth over $90 billion (Inspirery).


American Red Cross didn’t hesitate in helping the victims of the hurricane. This is an organization that was established in 1881. Since then, it has lived up to its mission statement. For starters, the mission of the organization is to help alleviate and prevent the suffering of people who have suffered an emergency. For years, the organization has managed this by combining the generosity of donors with the power of people willing to volunteer. As for the Puerto Rico Case, the American Red Cross managed to work with federal partners, community and corporate partners in providing the residents with relief supplies. The supplies consisted of work gloves, hand sanitizer, insect repellants, home repair kits as well as cleanup kits. Food and water were also important supplies.


An insight into Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman can be described using many titles. He is an entrepreneur, mentor, investor as well as a business executive (News.Sky). His experience has seen him mentor and coach other chief executives on how they can run their companies. He has worked with GE Capital for over 20 years. Beyond business and entrepreneurship, Glen Wakeman is also enthusiastic about philanthropy.

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