Jorge Moll and Paulo Chapchap educates business leaders on vital trends to watch in health management

Recently, Jorge Moll, an entrepreneur from Brazil joined hands with Paulo Chapchap in presenting one of the most captivating lectures about the implementation of innovative visions into the management of health sector. The event was organized by FEHOSUL and SINDIHOSPA and was graced by over 300 participants held in Porto Alegre.


Among many lectures delivered that day, discussions on current and complex trends faced by health sector took the day. Jorge Moll and Paulo Chapchap used the opportunity to enlighten the attendees on why they should watch the technology not to overtake them.


Chapchap noted that the developed countries are using over 10 percent of their GDP to improve public health. He also mentioned that for years now, the health sector has been facing what he quoted as ‘strength triangle,’ i.e., the difficulty to satisfy the high costs, difficulty in accessing efficient services, as well as the quality.


But he added that the most significant challenge is in the difference between demand and supply of those services. The society expects more from health centers which might be beyond their capacity. This creates tension and overstretches the available resources.


Chapchap also added that as a leader, you should not distance yourself especially when it comes to making decisions. It should be collaborative since making decisions single-handed may lead to unnecessary mistakes.


At the same event, Jorge Moll took to the stage where he started with an inspiring story of how he started just as an examination center, to now being the biggest Hospital Group in Brazil.


He said that he saw an opportunity and took; since most of the health centers by then were only public, they offered poor services, and this is what Moll wanted to change (GloboPlay). Moll further narrated that he faced challenges along the way, debt included. But he never gave up.


Moll knew that Rio de Janeiro was a big city and it would be unthinkable if it had no health centers. He then went ahead and established first three institutions. And as always, the rest is history.


Jorge Moll is currently the chairman of the Board of Directors of Rede D’Or Sao Luiz. A network that has opened up Brazil’s health sector into a whole new world of opportunities.

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