Stream Energy Welcomes Their New CFO and Executive VP

Stream Energy is a Texan energy provider company based in Dallas. The Stream Energy was created in 2005 and was recently recognized as leading provider of life service in the state of Texas.


The business has amassed a revenue of $8 billion in total since its inception almost 13 years ago (DallasNews). That transformed Stream Energy into one of the leading direct selling businesses on the global market.


The corporation of Stream Energy consists of several subsidiary services such as energy services, protective services, wireless services, and home services as well. The company’s Energy Services are available in many of the state s of the U. S. such as Texas, Washington D. C, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New Jersey, as well as in Illinois. The rest of the services of the company are available to customers from all around the world.


In November earlier this year, the company os Stream Energy announced that they have a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Mr. David Franetta will also be serving as the Executive Vice President of the company from now on. As CFO, Mr. David Franetta will be responsible for the tac and treasury functions of the company as well as for accounting and financial planning and reporting.


Mr. David Franetta has had many years of experience in the energy industry. He has a record of strategic executive leadership which has been proven quite beneficial for previous businesses he has worked for. Mr. David Franetta has shared that he has been observing the operations and growth of the Stream company for a few tears now and has been thinking of joining the company on many occasions.


Previously, Mr. David Franetta has served as the Chief Financial Officer of the company TXU Energy as well as a wholesaler and electricity generator in the business of Luminant. Prior to joining Stream, Mr. David Franetta was serving at the firm of Vistra Energy also based in Dallas, Texas. His position has been Senior Vice President of Planning and Treasury.


Mr. David Franettaachieved his education in Economics from the Moravian College and his MBA from the Lehigh University.


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