Daniel Taub Has a Strong Diplomatic Background

Daniel Taub used to work as a diplomat. He served as the nation of Israel’s United Kingdom ambassador. That’s the reason it’s no surprise that Daniel Taub is an individual who possesses amazing communication abilities and skills. He worked for the Court of Saint James for an impressive four years. Taub is liked by many others in his field. People can’t get enough of his impeccable British manners, first and foremost. They also can’t resist his unparalleled Israeli charm. Daniel Taub is a man who is well aware of many concepts that pertain to relationships between nations. He’s also someone who has many pastimes that drive him on a regular basis. He loves football and because of that keeps close tabs on Manchester City and all of its activities. He’s a loving father as well. He has a total of six kids. He even has a wonderful grandchild. People who know Daniel Taub are aware of his focus on work. His career drive doesn’t stop. Taub is the kind of person who is constantly thinking and trying to move ahead. He was reared in the United Kingdom. He knows a lot about Israel, however. That’s thanks to the fact that he relocated there when he was still just a twenty-something.


Taub isn’t just a professional who worked as a diplomat in the past. He’s a global attorney, too. He’s even an avid writer. His time as an ambassador began in 2011 and ended in 2015. He now works as Jerusalem’s Yad Hanadiv Foundation’s planning and strategy director. This is a role that’s incredibly rewarding and fulfilling for him.


He got his education at the Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School. This institution was located in Elstree in Hertfordshire. He, after that, went to Harvard University, University College in London and University College in Oxford. He traveled all the way to Israel at the end of the eighties. He remained there for quite some time, too. He worked for the IDF (Israel Forces) as a diligent combat medic. He secured a position with the IDF’s global law sector. He was a reserve officer. Taub was born in the beginning of the sixties.


This is an individual who revels in writing about topics that relate to the Middle East. He loves writing about Israel specifically as well. He’s had pieces show up in highly established publications such as The Daily Telegraph and The Times.


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