How to Choose the Right Wedding Venue

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so having it at the right location is key. Whether it’s at an upscale venue in New York City, or somewhere else, even the best of weddings could get ruined with the wrong venue. With so many decisions to make, here are some tips on how to make choosing the perfect venue easier.


First, make a budget. The main factor in figuring out what venues to look at is what you can afford. Don’t jump into looking at venues only to realize they’re way out of your price range.


Next, make a guest list. Figuring out the maximum number of people who could show up will allow you to pick a venue that can accommodate that crowd. That way, even if some people don’t show you will still have enough space.


You also need to ask if the venue is available on the date you need it. Many people book wedding venues months or years in advance, and you should do the same to ensure you can acquire it.


Location is also a main factor. Take into account that some of your guests may be staying at hotels, and also think about parking (is it free, is there enough, etc.).


Don’t forget about catering. Some venues offer packages that include catering, but some do not. Always make sure to ask the venue you’re considering if they offer packages and what comes included.


Lastly, will everyone have a good time? Yes, it is your wedding, but you don’t want your guests to not enjoy themselves. Ensure that whatever venue you choose has what it takes to satisfy everyone. That way, everyone has a night to remember.


Planning your wedding can be a hassle, but it’s a hassle that will pay off in the long run. Choosing the correct wedding venue can differentiate between the best wedding of the year, and the night you just want to forget. Always make sure to research and study every aspect to make sure your wedding day is the best you could ask for.


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