Jeremy Goldstein Suggests Compromise for EPS and other Incentives

Developing an economic environment that is sustainable for a corporation has become increasingly difficult in recent times because of a number of factors that affect finances. Having witnessed the effects of declining economic conditions within companies first-hand, working with a number of reputable international corporations including Verizon and Goldman Sachs, Jeremy Goldstein recently shared his expert perspective on the climate, as well as the most viable solution to the debate on Earnings per Share. For shareholders of a particular stock, Earnings per Share is one of the major indicators of the direction a stock will trend toward, spurring them to buy or sell, while also giving companies increased the incentive to raise the pay rate for employees. Based on recent studies, companies that choose to implement Earnings per Share programs are more likely to enjoy increased success rates. While Earnings per Share are generally considered to be a good thing in reference to a company, as well as its employees, the stock market is rife with competition, and detractors of Earnings per Share tend to believe that companies can utilize this to create an unfair advantage. According to EPS detractors, results regarding the metrics of a company can often be skewed by executives and CEOs in order to increase the price of the stock. While this perspective is a significant part of the fierce debate that is currently taking place amongst proponents and detractors of Earnings per Share, some tend to believe that employing Earnings per Share programs for a company is only beneficial for those interested in short-term growth. Experts such as Larry Fink tend to believe that companies will increase their share value by focusing on long-term goals, instead of the short-term goals associated with Earnings per Share programs. Jeremy Goldstein believes the answer is in compromise. He insists, that by holding executives accountable for their actions regarding Earnings per Share programs, as well as ensuring that performance matches the longterm outlook of the corporation, a happy medium can be met.

Jeremy Goldstein received his J.D. from New York University and attended Cornell University as an undergrad. He also continued his education at the University of Chicago, where he received his M.S. Since founding his own firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein, and Associates, he has worked with a multitude of major corporations around the globe and has been a part of many of the most significant corporate transactions of recent times.


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