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As a Bachelor of Arts graduate, Matthew Autterson began his professional job in First Trust Corporation where he worked until 1982. During his period of services at First Trust Corporation, Matthew gained the relevant skills which laid a strong foundation for his career. As a result of this robust foundation, Matthew Autterson left the corporation in the year 1982, to join a team that would commission New Colorado State company as a branch of Integrated Resource, Inc that’s based in New York. His work in the group was so treasured, which saw him be promoted to serve as the president of Resource Trust Company in the year 1986. In overall, Mathew has worked for more than twenty-five years in the finance industry.


In 2001,Fiserv bought Resource Trust Company from AIG. During that time, the company (Resources Trust Company) was among the most significant FDIC depository firm in the state. All this was made possible due to the large number of clients it had. For instance, it had over two hundred thousand clients who received both custodial and depository services from it. Through the diligent work of more than fifteen thousand registered financial advisors, the company managed to acquire a large number of its clients. Get Additional Information Here.


Currently, Matthew works in Falci Adaptive Biosystem as one of its directors. In this company, Matthew’s philanthropic desires get well represented since it is a non-profit making company. Its headquarters is based in Englewood Colorado. Additionally, Matthew is a member of the board, CEO and the president of CNS Bioscience Company, which got established during the year 2003. He has also served as a member of both the World President and Young President organisations.


Matthew has also invested in real estate. In 2015, he sold a mansion to Louis P. Bansbach. According to Glenville Display Homes, the palace was among the highest valued home in the suburban villas. It got sold at a price that was more than four million dollars. Due to its suitable structure, position and its high demand, the house was sold three months just after it got constructed. It had nine bathrooms, six bedrooms and based in the streets of Old Cherry Hills, a highly coveted area.


Matthew Autterson is also a fan of sports. In 2007, together with his daughter, Madison Autterson, he joined Holly Kylberg in the famous 1296-mile road race. Other participants in the race were Dutch Rehbun.



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