Osteo Relief Institute’s Regimen of Managing Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition that requires a holistic approach from the people living with the condition, medical practitioners, and people around the patients regarding its management. Professionals knowledgeable about the disease like those at Osteo Relief Institute affirm that exercises, diet, medical care, and small changes in occupations are necessary for people living with Osteoarthritis.


Although medical practitioners recommend exercises for everyone, they affirm that they are necessary for people living with osteoarthritis. Exercises do not only strengthen the muscles that support the bones but also maintain a regular weight. Osteo Relief Institute prides itself on being able to manage osteoarthritis with (HealthGrades)out the need for surgery, to this end, the medical facility recommends that patients should seek the services of physiotherapists. Osteo Relief Institute’s physiotherapists are well trained and are famed for handling all patients just as they would treat close friends or family members.


Osteo Relief Institute stresses the need for a well thought out diet plan. According to the outfit, people living with Osteoarthritis should strive to increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, minimize the consumption of processed foods, and prepare their food at home whenever possible. Maintaining such a diet reduces weight gain which is detrimental to the people with Osteoarthritis.


According to Osteo Relief Institute, Osteoarthritis is likely to interfere with a patient’s professional duties and possibly affect cash inflows for patients with manual jobs (https://thenewsversion.com/2017/09/osteo-relief-institute/). However, the medical facility opines that occupational therapists can recommend alternative methods of performing various duties to the relief of people living with the condition.


Osteoarthritis calls for medical attention which Osteo Relief Institute promises to deliver to the satisfaction of its patients. Physicians at the institute can generate a clear plan that provides regular or as-needed care aimed at relieving the pain associated with the condition. The medical practitioners at the facility are capable of fostering a positive patient-practitioner relationship necessary for honest and open discussions beneficial to the patients. Physicians at Osteo Relief Institute recommend annual influenza vaccination or pneumococcal vaccination depending on the severity of the condition. What’s more, the staff at the institute complement friends and family in offering support to people living with Osteoarthritis.

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An Insight into the Life and Career of Glen Wakeman

It has been a difficult year for Puerto Rico. The region is already experiencing an economic crisis that was caused by the devastation of Hurricane Irma that left one million people without power. By the time that Hurricane Maria hit the island weeks later, only 60,000 people hadn’t received their power back. Hurricane Maria saw the island receive over 30 hours of rain coupled with winds that were traveling at 155 miles per hour. By the end of the ordeal, the winds managed to destroy the transportation and energy infrastructure. The winds also demolished thousands of homes in the region. Puerto Rico officials then released a statement saying that the storm had inflicted damages worth over $90 billion (Inspirery).


American Red Cross didn’t hesitate in helping the victims of the hurricane. This is an organization that was established in 1881. Since then, it has lived up to its mission statement. For starters, the mission of the organization is to help alleviate and prevent the suffering of people who have suffered an emergency. For years, the organization has managed this by combining the generosity of donors with the power of people willing to volunteer. As for the Puerto Rico Case, the American Red Cross managed to work with federal partners, community and corporate partners in providing the residents with relief supplies. The supplies consisted of work gloves, hand sanitizer, insect repellants, home repair kits as well as cleanup kits. Food and water were also important supplies.


An insight into Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman can be described using many titles. He is an entrepreneur, mentor, investor as well as a business executive (News.Sky). His experience has seen him mentor and coach other chief executives on how they can run their companies. He has worked with GE Capital for over 20 years. Beyond business and entrepreneurship, Glen Wakeman is also enthusiastic about philanthropy.

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Bending The Learning Curve, Dr. Mark Holterman

Mark J. Holterman recognizes that there’s much uncertainty about the best course of treatment for long-term diabetes care. The quality of care determines practical outcomes for patients, enabling them to live normal, active lives, despite having a chronic illness. In his 20 years plus career as a physician and study clinical, Dr. Holterman has helped bridge new groundbreaking discoveries in the field of diabetes research. Prior to becoming a professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. Dr. Holterman focused on developing new methodologies for diabetes treatment. He was recognized for his work by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), which awarded him the Innovative Research Award. The award is given to dedicated individuals who through extensive research and clinical studies develop new approaches to treat diabetes.


Despite having an active pediatric surgeon practice, holding a position as CEO at Mariam Global Health and being a professor of pediatric surgery, Dr. Mark Holterman still finds time to give back. One of the charity organizations that he supports is the International Pediatric Specialist Alliance for the children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN). The IPSAC-VN minimizes the health risks of children living in Vietnam. In addition to his involvement with IPSAC-VN, Dr. Holterman is also a supporter of its International Scholar Program. The purpose of the program is to provide funding to local medical professionals for continuing education at institutions of higher learning.


Dr. Holterman is based in Peoria, he has taught pediatric surgery at the University of Illinois College of Medicine for six years (Doctors.WebMD). He’s a board certified, active pediatric surgeon at the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital, St. Francis Medical Center, and the Children’s Hospital of Illinois. Dr. Holterman continues to participate in ongoing clinical research, he maintains an interest in advances in medicines regarding discoveries in the fields of stem cell studies and the long-term possibilities of regenerative medicine.


For his undergraduate education, Dr. Mark J. Holterman attended Yale University, where he earned a degree in biology. After graduating cum laude, he went on to obtain a Ph.D. and MD from the University of Virginia.

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Stream Energy Welcomes Their New CFO and Executive VP

Stream Energy is a Texan energy provider company based in Dallas. The Stream Energy was created in 2005 and was recently recognized as leading provider of life service in the state of Texas.


The business has amassed a revenue of $8 billion in total since its inception almost 13 years ago (DallasNews). That transformed Stream Energy into one of the leading direct selling businesses on the global market.


The corporation of Stream Energy consists of several subsidiary services such as energy services, protective services, wireless services, and home services as well. The company’s Energy Services are available in many of the state s of the U. S. such as Texas, Washington D. C, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New Jersey, as well as in Illinois. The rest of the services of the company are available to customers from all around the world.


In November earlier this year, the company os Stream Energy announced that they have a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Mr. David Franetta will also be serving as the Executive Vice President of the company from now on. As CFO, Mr. David Franetta will be responsible for the tac and treasury functions of the company as well as for accounting and financial planning and reporting.


Mr. David Franetta has had many years of experience in the energy industry. He has a record of strategic executive leadership which has been proven quite beneficial for previous businesses he has worked for. Mr. David Franetta has shared that he has been observing the operations and growth of the Stream company for a few tears now and has been thinking of joining the company on many occasions.


Previously, Mr. David Franetta has served as the Chief Financial Officer of the company TXU Energy as well as a wholesaler and electricity generator in the business of Luminant. Prior to joining Stream, Mr. David Franetta was serving at the firm of Vistra Energy also based in Dallas, Texas. His position has been Senior Vice President of Planning and Treasury.


Mr. David Franettaachieved his education in Economics from the Moravian College and his MBA from the Lehigh University.


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Jorge Moll and Paulo Chapchap educates business leaders on vital trends to watch in health management

Recently, Jorge Moll, an entrepreneur from Brazil joined hands with Paulo Chapchap in presenting one of the most captivating lectures about the implementation of innovative visions into the management of health sector. The event was organized by FEHOSUL and SINDIHOSPA and was graced by over 300 participants held in Porto Alegre.


Among many lectures delivered that day, discussions on current and complex trends faced by health sector took the day. Jorge Moll and Paulo Chapchap used the opportunity to enlighten the attendees on why they should watch the technology not to overtake them.


Chapchap noted that the developed countries are using over 10 percent of their GDP to improve public health. He also mentioned that for years now, the health sector has been facing what he quoted as ‘strength triangle,’ i.e., the difficulty to satisfy the high costs, difficulty in accessing efficient services, as well as the quality.


But he added that the most significant challenge is in the difference between demand and supply of those services. The society expects more from health centers which might be beyond their capacity. This creates tension and overstretches the available resources.


Chapchap also added that as a leader, you should not distance yourself especially when it comes to making decisions. It should be collaborative since making decisions single-handed may lead to unnecessary mistakes.


At the same event, Jorge Moll took to the stage where he started with an inspiring story of how he started just as an examination center, to now being the biggest Hospital Group in Brazil.


He said that he saw an opportunity and took; since most of the health centers by then were only public, they offered poor services, and this is what Moll wanted to change (GloboPlay). Moll further narrated that he faced challenges along the way, debt included. But he never gave up.


Moll knew that Rio de Janeiro was a big city and it would be unthinkable if it had no health centers. He then went ahead and established first three institutions. And as always, the rest is history.


Jorge Moll is currently the chairman of the Board of Directors of Rede D’Or Sao Luiz. A network that has opened up Brazil’s health sector into a whole new world of opportunities.

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Jeremy Goldstein on Knockout as a Solution to Option Overhang

Several corporations have backed down on stock options to their employees. Saving money is one of the reasons why firms chose to adopt this financial decision. Apparently, businesses face the challenge of unexpected deflation of stock value. When stock prices shrink, businesses become confronted with option overhang risks which comes with more expenses.


Several employees are now worried about the latter compensation method because economic uncertainties sometimes make options worthless. As a result, the accrued benefits have a higher resemblance to casino tokens, and less to cash. Staff members have expressed their concerns on the disadvantages of stock options. Many would rather prefer a higher salary pay than opting for stock options.


Similarly, options pose enormous accounting burdens which eventually decline employee earnings. Financial earnings associated with stock options are highly limited and unreliable. When the corporation share value inflate, employee earning equally rise, as a result motivating employees to focus on success. Staffs commit their efforts to satisfy clients and come up with innovative products and services.


There are internal revenue services that limit employees from accessing equities. This scenario is normally rampant when corporations develop a special compensation package for its executives. Business face enormous taxation burden when they offer shares instead of options. Option is the best strategy for employers to cut on excessive costs and reap more profits. To avoid possible option overhang it is helpful to exercise a barrier option called knockout. Through this strategy, corporation can overcome stock overhang and work around any possible losses that may arise. Employee on the other side are subject to lose their part if the value of shares decline considerably below the set threshold.


If the stock of the firm is continually volatile, it is a good practice to exercise the knockout mechanism. This step is essential in cutting on possible accounting costs. When corporations offer knockout option benefits, investors who are not employees are unlikely to face options overhang threats.


Moreover, it is important to realize that knockout does not solve all challenges that present with options. Jeremy Goldstein is resourceful for corporations or businesses seeking legal advice on employee benefits. Jeremy Goldstein has accumulated over 15 years of experience serving as a business lawyer in various capacities.


Jeremy Goldstein is widely recognized for his primary roles in major transactions that involves Duke Energy, Bank One, AT&T, Verizon, Merck, and Chevron. He served at Fountain house and other prestigious law journals. Jeremy Goldstein is highly experienced in executive compensations, acquisitions, and mergers.


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Talos Energy is Making History in The Gulf of Mexico

Since 1938, Mexico’s oil industry has been state-owned and operated under PEMEX and after nearly 80 years, Mexico’s oil Industry has taken a giant leap forward with opening their nationalized oil industry to private oil investors, in the hopes of attracting foreign investment and competition as a part of the country’s oil industry reform that began in 2013.

In 2015, three companies won the rights to the first offshore oil platform which was built in Mexico’s waters with a joint venture between Premier Oil based in London, England, Talos Energy based in Houston, Texas and Sierra Oil & Gas based in Mexico. The Zama-1 well is operated by Talos and it sits off the shores of Tabasco, in the Sureste Basin which is estimated to contain between 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude oil. Drilling commenced on May 21, 2017 and was completed as of July 31, 2017. Being the first privately owned well in Mexico, is an exciting and potentially very lucrative project in which other key players, in the oil industry, are keeping a close eye on with the expectation of future opportunities, in working with Mexico to revitalize their industry.

Talos was formed in 2012 by Tim Duncan and his partners with over $600 million in assets and has successfully grown into a dynamic company, whose primary strategy is to explore the Gulf of Mexico region, predominantly in the Texas and South Louisiana areas, with innovative processing techniques and top expertise in geology and geophysical operations.

With the company’s incredible entrepreneurial spirit that encourages every employee to share in creating new innovative energy solutions, for drilling and processing oil resources that were once thought to be out of reach, its no wonder this company has been recognized as one of the Top Work Places 4 years running by, HC Media Group and the Houston Chronicle.

Zama-1 was an amazing accomplishment for Talos and its venture partners, for sure, and Talos will continue to make waves in the Gulf with its innovative solutions that will help to meet the world’s energy needs, for years to come.


Crowdsourcing Fabletics Secret to Success

Marketing strategies are changing each day due to increased innovations in the technology industry. Traditional marketing techniques are no longer viable today as more and more consumers are becoming digitally empowered. The space for marketing has moved to the digital platform. Fabletics is one company that has realized this shift and is aware that today purchases are mostly determined by the power of the crowd. Customers out there are looking for products to buy, and unlike the olden days where they will physical visit a shop for purchases or move around the city doing some window shopping, today everything has moved online. Most companies have realized this shift and Fabletics which is a tech and Fashion Company has taken advantage of the online platform and as a result, use a review-centric marketing concept.

Fabletics since 2013 has been growing very rapidly. It is estimated that it has grown by 200% to a whopping 235 million dollars in revenue. In addition to the high revenue, Fabletics has more than one million members online who pay a monthly subscription fee. The secret of Fabletics rapid success according to TechStyle Fashion Group Chief Marketing Officer is the utilization of user reviews or the crowd.

The current customer purchasing power is greatly influenced by a product review. What other people are saying about your product will greatly determine how your product sells. Consumer reviews can help increase product acquisition, improve loyalty and customer retention. Consumers are relying on other user reviews to help them determine final purchases. Reviews are regarded as reliable recommendations by customers thus the more the positive reviews for a particular product then, the more customers will purchase that particular product. According to a research study conducted by BrightLocal, 84% of consumers place some trust in online reviews. Moreover, the statistics from the research keeps on increasing every year the survey is conducted.

Fabletics have been able to outdo its competitors because it provides its customers with what they want. Fabletics success is largely attributed to the many authentic, honest and positive reviews they receive online from their customers. Most if not all of Fabletics customers are happy with their products. The more the positive reviews a product has, the more improved search ranking the product gets. Fabletics have been able to retain most of their customers because they have been able to address and incorporate reviews into products and policies. Fabletics do try as much as they can to respond to thousands of customers reviews. This strategy has worked for them, and according to their performance indicator, 85% of Fabletics sales come from repeat customers with 17% coming from new customers who are referrals.

Kate Hudson is Fabletics managing partner and brand ambassador. Kate Hudson was the perfect partner Fabletics co-founders Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler were looking for because she is very approachable, has a very active lifestyle and doesn’t take herself too seriously. Kate is proud of her role in Fabletics and has the passion for continuing even doing more so that the company can reach greater heights.

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Dr. David Samadi Is Using TV to Improve People’s Health

Health has been a heavily discussed topic for quite a while now. One of the biggest reasons is that everyone places a great deal of value on their own health and that of their families. But additionally, health is also a subject that requires a great deal of study to really understand. Everyone’s interested in the topic but there’s only a few people who have the authority to really educate people about it.

But this also highlights the significance of someone like Dr. David Samadi. He’s an expert in multiple fields of medicine. He’s helped countless people in his role as a board certified urologist. His particular focus there has been various forms of cancer. This includes prostate, kidney and bladder cancers. He also has extensive expertise in such advanced cutting edge technologies as surgical robotics. And in his role as Chairman of Urology he’s had ample opportunity to demonstrate leadership potential. He’s the kind of person that everyone wishes they could talk to about personal health issues.

And with the advent of a new TV show people will actually have a chance to talk to Dr. David Samadi. His new show, Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi, is entirely focused on health. Almost any general area regarding health is on the table for discussion. And even better, the public can call in or send emails to ask him about the health issues they’re curious about.

The overall framing device for the show involves new news from the medical world. This is important for a number of different reasons. Of course one of the most readily apparent is the fact that it serves to inform the public about new and noteworthy events in the medical industry.

However, the larger point is that the news is being delivered by an expert in the field. It’s surprisingly common for science and medical reporters to have nowhere near the level of education needed to properly educate people on the subject. Dr. David Samadi brings a level of expertise which is seldom found in medical reporting. He’s not just well educated, he’s top tier within that already impressive grouping.

That expertise gives Samadi the ability to understand the significance of any given news story. Sometimes headlines can be very misleading in comparison to the studies it reports on. But Dr. Samadi can jump right past those blurbs to provide proper analysis of the significance of any medical study. And from that point he knows just how to explain those ideas to viewers.


Significant Facts You Should Know About Logan Stout

Logan Ronald Stout was born in Richardson, Texas. Together with his current wife studied at J.J Pearce H.S. Logan holds several degrees, he graduated from Panola with a business degree and further earned another degree in Psychology from the University of Dallas. Due to his outstanding performance in sports, classroom work and leadership, Logan was voted to the Student Athletic Council during his time at Pearce H.S. While at Pearce, Stout played Varsity basketball and even baseball every single season. As a member of the Pearce Mustang Basketball team, he was District 9-5a MVP during his junior and senior seasons respectively.

After leaving the college, Logan joined Fort Worth Cats which was a Texas minor league team. He started training youth baseball while at the college. One of the teams he coached was the Dallas Baptist University. His passion to coach youth baseball game led to the birth of Dallas Patriots select baseball organization. Apart from playing baseball, at the First United Methodist Church of Coppell, Logan Stout was a Youth Minister and a Contemporary Worship Leader.

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Logan is a talented business owner, entrepreneur, humanitarian, bestselling author, lead trainer and important speaker. Throughout his career stout has contributed billions of dollars in the country’s revenue. This has earned him a respectable track record both in leadership and team building. A combination of this two together with his achievement principles contribute greatly to his present ventures and further makes him one of the best keynote speakers in the whole world.

Logan Stout has been linked to nine companies in accordance with the public records. A good number of this companies were established over a period of 10 years. The most recent company was formed in the year 2015. Out of the nine companies, seven are in operation while two are inactive.

Most importantly, he is devoted to helping other people attain competent leadership skills. He has achieved this through several publications, for instance, Stout Advice which he published in the year 2013. This book was then endorsed by Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran who are well-known entrepreneurs from ABC’s Shark Tank.

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